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I’ve had the opportunity to publish these three books where I opened up my strategies, resources, and advice to help others financially.

The average business owner spends 1,500 hours selling their business. This book will help you avoid that. It gives you detailed instructions including actual case studies on how to exit a business successfully. If you are looking to sell a business, read this book. 

Read this book to learn all about the one question that should drive your company’s strategy, finance, operations and culture and will have the biggest impact on your family’s financial, tax and estate planning: “Who Is Going To Own Your Company in Five Years?”


Learn how we’ve built a portfolio of over 3,500 multifamily units and over half a million square feet of retail and office space while creating multiple income streams, achieving financial freedom and getting infinite returns for ourselves and our investors.

If you're paying over $300,000 in taxes, I guarantee I'll find you $50,000 in savings or you pay me nothing.
Let's determine what strategies work best for your situation.