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Tax Avoidance

For high-net-worth entrepreneurs paying $300,000+ in taxes, we’ll help you find legal tax avoidance strategies that increase your cash flow and save you money.

Real Estate Investing

We help families generate infinite returns and passive income from real estate investing. If you and your family wants to join us, visit us at or book a call below.

Selling Your Business

Thinking about selling your business? If you expect an 8-figure exit, let’s talk about how to best prepare your business and your family for the sale.

My story

I’m a 3rd generation CPA and I help entrepreneurs create predictable passive increase while legally reducing/eliminating your tax burden.  My goal is to help you live “true freedom” and enjoy a life of abundance.

I practice what I preach: I’ve sold eight companies, own over a dozen, and continue to acquire businesses, websites, and real estate. I also try to make an impact in my community through philanthropy. I live in Florida with my wife and our two children.

"What if You Won The Lottery?" My Journey as an Entrepreneur:

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